Move Along

When Christian Herter was governor of Massachusetts, he was running hard for a second term in office. One day, after a busy morning chasing votes (and no lunch), he arrived at a church barbecue....

Glad Tidings of Good Things (September 06, 2017)

What Brought You Here? On Sunday, church buildings across our nation filled up with people gathering together for different reasons. For some, it was the social interaction. For some, it was to check the “go to...

Glad Tidings of Good Things (September 29, 2016)

The Hare and the Tortoise The Hare once boasted of his speed before the other animals. “I have never yet been beaten,” said he, “when I put forth my full speed. I challenge any one...

Glad Tidings of Good Things (September 22, 2016)

Personal Prayer List Perhaps the most neglected of God’s gifts is the use prayer as we should, based on God’s word (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I have recently made study of prayer and how it was...

Glad Tidings of Good Things (June 23, 2016)

Loaded with Blessings Daniel Defoe gave good advice through his fictitious character Robinson Crusoe. The first thing that Crusoe did when he found himself on a deserted island was to make a list. On one side of...

Fresh Fish for Sale

A man was criticized for failing to provide for his family.

Glad Tiding of Good Things (July 14, 2016)

$86,000 I had a crazy uncle. He was rich. I liked him a lot. He was rather odd, but still I thought he was great. He had some unusual ideas. As president of a big...

Glad Tidings of Good Things (January 18, 2018)

What Would You Do for $10,000,000? This question was once asked in a poll. People were given several options and then instructed to indicate all that they would be willing to do. Here were the...

Ten Things I’d do If I Had My Child Over Again

Ten things to put into practice today!

The Home Field Advantage

One of the kindest things God did for humans was to institute marriage.