10 Phrases to Avoid

Oh be careful little mouth what you say...

Sermons We Can See

I'd rather see a sermon than to hear one any day...

It Was Right There All The Time

 An old Eastern parable titled “The Wealth Is Nearer to You Than You Think,” relates the story of a rich merchant who took a journey to a distant land.  As the businessman traveled, he met...

Nero’s 100 Gladiators

Not all Roman soldiers hated Christians.

The Remedy for Judging

1) Love. Love is always slow to expose, always eager to believe the best, always hopeful, always patient (1 Corinthians 13:7; cf. 1 Peter 4:8). The faults of others will appear thick if our love for...

Burnt Biscuits

A little burnt biscuit never hurt anyone!

Powerful Words

Some words have more power than others...

How to Deal with Negative People

How do we deal with the criticisms of negative people?

The Bumps are What You Climb On

God puts balance into our lives—the good and the bad.