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What is a Grandmother?


There never seems to be a generation gap when it comes to grandmothers. How has Grandma's image survived intact through the ages? Is she still all-wise … the only one who truly relates to youth? Does she still offer an ample lap and apple pie, or has she modernized? For clear-eyed opinions on what a grandmother really is, here is a selection of views from a new book of opinions handed down by adored (and adoring) grandchildren. 

There is nothing like a grandmother: she lets you put your vegetables back in the pot when your mother isn't looking.

What is a grandmother? When I send her a letter she doesn't just send back another letter. She puts something like a dollar bill or a handkerchief in it.

  • A grandmother is a lady with past experience.

  • Grandmothers play with you whether they are busy or not. That's why a grandmother is really my kind of person.

  • A grandmother is always nice. You bring them a bouquet of flowers and they cry.

  • My grandmother is a groovy person. She rides a Honda. She is married to my grandfather.

  • I think a grandmother is someone who has to be loved every minute of the time you go there.

  • A grandmother is the one who stuffs food down your throat when you are not hungry.

  • A grandmother will rush you to the hospital if you scratch your finger because she thinks you will die. They also are seriously disturbed about germs.

  • A grandmother is that one who gives you a present your mother didn't want you to have.

  • Whenever I go to see my grandmother and tell her not to fuss over lunch, she goes ahead and does it. Well that's my grandmother for you.

  • A grandmother comes to football games and cheers when she doesn't know what's happening.

  • A grandmother is someone who tells mother and father they're raising me wrong.

  • My grandmother is a very old lady. Long, long ago she was something like me.

  • My grandmother gives me candy or money. My other grandmother is just the same only she gives me meatballs or ice cream.

  • A grandma is made to spoil you and save you from your parents.

  • A grandmother is someone who tells you the bad things your mother did when she was a little girl.

  • A grandma says she has a very good memory but  can't remember her age.

'Children's children are the crown of old men…'-Proverbs 17:6

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