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Bible Question and Answer

Was Simon the Sorcerer saved?

Topic(s): Denominationalism, Salvation

Todd Clippard

In Acts 8:5-20, we read of Philip's work in the city of Samaria. Among those who heard and obeyed the gospel was a certain magician named Simon. We know Simon heard, believed, and obeyed the preaching of Philip by being baptized for the remission of his sins. At this point he was saved.

However, the text indicates that he fell into transgression as he attempted to buy the apostles' gift to pass on the Holy Spirit. Peter rebuked him severely for such and told him to pray for forgiveness that the iniquity of his heart be forgiven. Even a casual reading shows us that Simon had gone from being a saved person to being a lost one. However, through repentance, prayer and confession, he could be restored to a right relationship with God.

A good text to read in conjunction with this is 1 John 1:5-10.

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