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Bible Question and Answer

Was Judas present at the Last Supper?

Todd Clippard

Topic(s): Bible Study

As best I can tell from the Gospel accounts, Judas was indeed present at the institution of the Lord's Supper. Consider the following texts:

In Matthew 26:20-29 and Mark 14:18-22 there is no discernable break denoting the departure of Judas from the time he is identified as the betrayer and Jesus' instituting the Lord's Supper.

In Luke 22:13-23, we read where all twelve apostles were present when Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper (v 14).

In John 13, Judas did not depart the company of Jesus and the apostles until verse 30. In verses 1-4, the text indicates the supper was ended. This could be a reference to the passover feast, to the Lord's supper, but probably both. In any event, the Lord's Supper was instituted at the observance of the passover, and John's record clearly indicates this event had ended.

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